Monday, August 23, 2010

We're all Addicted to something

An addiction is the ultimate climax in a society based on consumption.

A shot to kill the pain.
A pill to drain the shame.
A purge to stop the gain.
A cut to break the vein.
A smoke to ease the crave.
A drink to win the game.
An addiction's, an adiction
Because it always hurts the same....

Now i have to admit it,
It's so damn hard for me to quit it,
I've gotten so far into the habbit,
That there's a cure, but i cant grab it.
I've been so use to the feeling,
That its harder for me to start my healing.
It's hard to turn the other cheek,
My resistance gets so weak.
If i go back and do it again,
It'll still let it be my best friend,
But it uses me,
Yet i still cant let go.

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