Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crime Scene Fashion

Making Love To You

“Sex is more than an act of pleasure, its' the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it's almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can’t take it. And at this moment you're a part of them.”

Sweet things that make me weak,
Is when you whisper into my ear.

With your esoteric provocative gaze
You look into my eyes.

Seducing you so you can touch my skin
To sense the burning of your flames.

Then you kiss me...
Embracing me with a love that is so real

As i feel your wet desirous lips
Our yearning tongues satisfying in their desires.

To feel poision...
Of your blood evaporating throughout your soul.

Exhilarating pure intoxification
By sending electricfying emotions.

As your hands flow over me;
Touching every curve and every part of me...

Auomatically, my legs seem to move apart.
When you take me high on a mystical ride
My body, you know will guide.

Making love all night long
Just listening to our song.

The flames of lust, desire, and love.
Takes control of us.

As I sense a sensation so exciting
You put your hand on my breast
And kiss my nipples with your yearning lips.

Everytime you do that
It gets more and more satisfying.

Let me feel those sensations,
As i feel you deep inside me.

Sensing a rage so amazing to resist,
All this love i have inside me
I just want to let it go.

You got me intertwined...
Soaking wet,
I feel you as you pause deep inside me.

And then i feel you push in and pull back out.
I moan for pure pleasure and exalation,
I get the quivers,
Its from the fire lit inside my soul.

My body is lustrous everywhere,
I scream....
Please, harder and harder
I call out your name...

Crying out in anguished bliss
A slight sign...
"A gasp for air"

This fire is so immense
So full of energy and heart,
Even water couldnt quench
This fire inside my soul.
Always will it remain.

Burning there internally,
Cause you make my raptures senses rise,

While you take me higher and higher
Than I have ever been
In the mystical ride of yours,
That i just cant get enough
Because without you and your love,
There would not be a steaming sexual taste in me.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So She Cuts

She loves how a knife confronts her.
Says: “I wish I could slit my wrist and watch all my cares bleed away.”
There’s no way out.
So she cuts.

She feels alone.
Her world around her has been shattered.
Afraid to trust anyone in the vicinity of her.
So she cuts.

She sheds tears of blood.
Soaks herself in misery.
Nowhere to go or no one to turn to.
So she cuts.

She feels trapped.
Distressed in her own skin.
Horror-stricken by the flesh of her own body.
So she cuts.

She’s weak from her sliced veins.
Each one being torn from her lifeless body.
Her beauty being obliterated slowly.
So she cuts.

She doesn’t feel loved.
Her heart completely mutilated.
Broken like a shattered window.
So she cuts.

She lives her life in the darkness.
Evil has taken away her soul.
Voices speak death into her ear.
So she cuts.

She thinks life is pointless.
Death is beautiful.
A worthless disgrace to this life.
So she cuts.

She can’t stop.
The blood that flows from her veins releases the pain.
Addicted she has become.
So she cuts.

She’s drowned.
Trapped in the bottom of a well.
Begs for someone to save her.
So she cuts.

She’s slowly dying.
A few more breaths to take.
Says: “Don’t worry I’ll be fine. Just let me slit my wrist one last time.”
So she cuts, and then…… she’s gone.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


She once was a girl who had no self-respect. A girl with low self-esteem. A girl that thought that she wasnt beautiful or ever good enough. A girl that let men take advantage of her. She didnt believe in herself or think that her life was a precious gift, a life worth living for. For many years she set herself up for destruction. Without any care in the world she let the poision take over her life.

She was first introduced to the poision at a very young age. Only fourteen was she introduced and addicted to the poision that was given to her by each and every guy that ever came into her life. She knew that the poision was bad but it felt so right. It made her feel beautiful, worth something. It made her self-esteem and confindence higher than ever. The poision was just so addicting that there was no way of stopping. She didnt even realize how out of control the poision had really gotten. She didnt even know that it was out of control. Guy after guy she let feed her poision.

Each time she took the poision in afterwards she always felt disgusted, dirty, sick, unrespected. So why didnt she stop? She had become so deep into this addcition that she had no way of stopping without help. To ashamed and embarrassed to get help she dealt with her addcition. She wanted to stop! She didnt like the person that she had become.She hated this person. Hated this person so much that she wanted to end this persons life. With three attempts she finally came to realize that she wasnt meant to leave this life without force. All she really wanted from the start was to be loved, be held, be noticed. She was crying out for attention. The day came where she finally took control of her life and decided to stop once and for all. She still kept this addction a secret but she was determined to change. Today this girl is a strong women who has control of her life and her actions. She is poision free! Each day she lives her life to the fullest sex addicted free.