Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sex with Your Best Friend

Is having sex with your best friend a good idea? or bad? In my personal opinion i say its a bad idea. Being that I've had expirence with this I advise no one to ever have sex with their best friend, its probably one of THE biggest mistkakes that you could ever make. When you have sex with a best friend that's stepping onto another level. A level that should never be stepped onto with a best friend. Stepping onto that level will make your friendship complicated and akward. Your realtionship with eachother will never be the same afterwards. In fact you may even end up ending your friendship if things get way to complicated and awkward after you step onto that imtimate level with eachother. The friends with benefits thing NEVER works.Eventually feelings end up coming into the relationship and someone always ends up hurt. Friends are hard to come by these days so its best to just leave that imtimate relationship for someone other than a really close friend. I learned the hard way and know for a fact that sex with a best friend is a bad idea!

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