Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Pain. The Hurt. The Anger.

I'm sick of always caring
I'm sick of always being there
It hurts knowing that in the end I'm only going to get hurt.

I'm sick of feeling the pain when getting hurt.
I'm sick of feeling the anger that follows what others did.

My heart beats uncontrollably with anger
Being hurt really boils my blood.

I want more than anything to let all of this pain, anger, and hurt go but my heart and pride wont allow it.
It's not that I dont want to let this go its just that I cant let this go.

Im sick of feeling this pain
I'm sick of hurting
And im sick of having this anger


Come and seek me,
in the darkness I will wait,
with no memories to care,
with no purpose so gentle,
to care
only one mission,
destroy all,
but one...

I am a killing beast,
missions of war are my priority,
to kill everyone,
but me,
crimson curtains and walls.
all are quiet,
not a sound..
only my breath,
nothing more,
but Heartless..

this is a tragic story of one so cold,
and lone.
How can someone be so Heartless?

Oblivion Vampire