Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Goodbye

"The tuly painfull goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."

We went our seperate ways without notice or reason. I never really wanted you out of my life but guess it was meant to be this way. The pain of your disappearance was unbearable. So thats why i tried to forget that you ever existed. But no matter how hard i tried i just couldnt get you out of my memory. So i gave up trying and now i have to deal with the fact that its goodbye for good. The memories of you will never fade no matter how much i do and dont want them to. Im giving up on hope that one day you will call, text, or email. Ive tried to reach out to you but you act as if i dont exist. It hurts but i know that one day the pain will subside and the scars that you left will go away. Its time that i face reality. Face the fact that you dont know me anymore that you dont want me anymore.....that you never wanted me, truly. So this is my final goodbye.... Im stuck with the memories so i will forever know you, and you have ignored my existance so i guess you no longer know me.....

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