Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Im sorry

I'm sorry.....
For how i always think of you.
Day in and day out.
When my eyes are opened.
And when theyre closed.
Youre all that crosses my mind.

Im sorry....
For how i long for your touch.
To feel you hold me tight and gently kiss me,
Having your arms around me.
Knowing that im safe with you.

Im sorry....
For the way i always miss you.
When you're right here with me.
You still seem so far away.
Like i can see you:youre there.
I just cant have you. I cant reach you.

Im sorry....
For the way that i need you so much.
When i knew that i had you.
Youre the one who has my heart.
And who means the world to me.
But, i cant help the way i need you.

Im sorry....
That i cant be everything you want.
I cant be that special person.
I cant give you what your need anymore.
I cant put that smile on your face anymore.
I cant be the one who has your heart anymore.

Im sorry....
That my wish will never come true.
But i still wont give up.
I love you so much and i will do anything.
I will wait until the end of time.
Or sleep forever, and have you in my dreams....

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