Thursday, January 28, 2010

He Murdered Me..My soul. My mind. My heart.

He couldnt wait till the day came where my heart would stop beating, till my body laid lifeless with him standing over it with a stuck smile across his face. It was his destiny to get close to me make me love him and then with time and thought take over my life, end my life. He murdered me, and not just murdered but brutely murdered me. He took a knife and cut me right into my heart.Then he posioned my mind so that i couldnt think for myself ever again. And finally he drained my body and soul so that i was completely lifeless. So lifeless that when you were to look into my eyes all you would see was emptyness. He felt no compassion, no regret, and no sympathy for what he had done. He enjoyed the fact that he was slowly taking away the life of someone he once loved. To him this was a game, a feeling of pleasure. And even though killing me gave him pleasure, by no means did he deserved to be pleased.I could see his face each time he slowly took away my life. His eyes were black as night. I could see through his chest each time he poisioned me, his heart cold and solid as a block of ice. And i could see through his body each time he hurt me, right to a soul that no longer existed.This was someone that i loved dearly.The pain from being brutley murdered from love is he worst pain to endure. It's the kind of pain that will only go away as soon as you take that last breath and let go. I havent taken that last deep breath. Im still gasping for air, and feeling the unendurable pain of all the bruises and scars left all over my body inside and out. It hurts so bad and i just want so desperatley to take that last breath and be free from the pain. I want to let go. But i cant becasue he's torturing me. He has a hold on my life. He's not letting me take that last deep breath because he enjoys seeing me suffer. So as long as he sees me suffer he wont stop the torturing. I can say though that im almost there, im almost completely dead, but i just need one more breath to let out. Yes he has murdered my heart, mind, and soul, but he hasnt murdered all of me yet. I will one day take that last breath, but i just have to fight so that i can finally spread my wings and be free. Once im free i can be born again with a new heart, mind, and soul and love again.

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