Tuesday, April 6, 2010


She once was a girl who had no self-respect. A girl with low self-esteem. A girl that thought that she wasnt beautiful or ever good enough. A girl that let men take advantage of her. She didnt believe in herself or think that her life was a precious gift, a life worth living for. For many years she set herself up for destruction. Without any care in the world she let the poision take over her life.

She was first introduced to the poision at a very young age. Only fourteen was she introduced and addicted to the poision that was given to her by each and every guy that ever came into her life. She knew that the poision was bad but it felt so right. It made her feel beautiful, worth something. It made her self-esteem and confindence higher than ever. The poision was just so addicting that there was no way of stopping. She didnt even realize how out of control the poision had really gotten. She didnt even know that it was out of control. Guy after guy she let feed her poision.

Each time she took the poision in afterwards she always felt disgusted, dirty, sick, unrespected. So why didnt she stop? She had become so deep into this addcition that she had no way of stopping without help. To ashamed and embarrassed to get help she dealt with her addcition. She wanted to stop! She didnt like the person that she had become.She hated this person. Hated this person so much that she wanted to end this persons life. With three attempts she finally came to realize that she wasnt meant to leave this life without force. All she really wanted from the start was to be loved, be held, be noticed. She was crying out for attention. The day came where she finally took control of her life and decided to stop once and for all. She still kept this addction a secret but she was determined to change. Today this girl is a strong women who has control of her life and her actions. She is poision free! Each day she lives her life to the fullest sex addicted free.

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