Friday, March 26, 2010

My Life......The Revolving Door

My life is like a revolving door. People constantly are walking in only to walk right back out. I dont understand what the reason is for them to come into my life just so they can leave??? They leave without notice or reason. They come into my life and leave quite an impression, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The pain that I endure from the revolving door is unbearable. I can only take so much. The worst pain of all is when these people leave without notice. I dont even get to say goodbye or even get an explantion of why they are leaving. Why must they hurt me like this? It just isnt fair! The revolving door has become a BIG part of my life, it is my life, and it has turned it into a complete disaster. Its all because of the revolving door that I cant trust, love, or care anymore. Trusting people has put more stress on my life then i can bare. I just cant trust anyone anymore! Loving people has put more scars on my heart then its even capable of having. And careing for people has only make me look like a total fool. In and out in and out, thats all my weakened eyes see everytime that revolving door moves. The revolving door never stops spinning. Will it ever stop spinning?? Or will it continue to spin and bring people in and out for the rest of my life? I dont think that i can take one more person walking into my life and me begin to love them trust them and care for them only to get crushed and left alone. I just cant handle the revolving door any longer.

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