Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dark Night

Its like the darkness has become my only light. Feels like im goin insane! Whats wrong with me? Something is sucking the life out of me and I'm starting to feel the pressure. I cant breath. Its getting closer, a diease of my mind controling me. I use to stand tall, so strong, unbreakable, im not me anymore. In my thoughts and in my dreams this thing is taking over me. Completely empty inside and all thats left of me is what i pretend to be. The only company that ive been surrounded by is misery. The demon within myself i let have all the power. I want it to leave me alone! Im slowly giving up because i cant seem to break out of this cage. This dark night has lasted to long. Its time i take a stand and fight this demon. I have to break free from this cage that im trapped in. I want and need my life back. I miss the old me. The peace, joy, love, strength, and happiness that i once had. This dark night has to come to an end. I will fight this demon off of my life with all the strength that i have left. I will fight until i cant fight anymore because i refuse to continue to live in darkness. The dark night will slowly fade and i will be myself again. I will have the peace, joy, love, strength, and happiness that belongs to me. The dark night shall be over.

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