Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Different Type Of Liars...Top 6

1. Expert Liar- the expert liar is the liar that really knows how to lie. They're so good that they could actually professional liar, something like a lawyer. This liar manipulates and knows how to get into someones head and get them to beileve everything that comes out of their mouth.

2. Delusional Liar- The delusional liar is the liar that basically believes their own lies. When they lie to someone they try to make them believe their lie because they believe it themselves.

3. Compulsive Liar- The complusive liar is the liar that lies ALL the time. Their whole life is basically a lie. Everything they say is a lie. Pretty much their lies are out of control. So out of control that sometimes they slip up.

4. Sloppy Liar- The sloppy liar is the liar that loves to lie but doesnt really know how to lie very well. Sometimes their lies do not make sense because theyre very sloppy. For the most part they think that they're on a roll when they lie but what they dont realize is that they sound really stupid when they lie becasue most of their lies dont even add up.

5.Half-Liar- the half liar is the liar that lies only 50% of the time. Half of the things they say is the truth and the other half is a lie.

6. Stupid Liar- The stupid liar is the liar that lies about stupid stuff. They lie about unneccessay things and to the extreme. They feel the need to lie about everything, everything that is stupid.

Theres more levels of liars but these are the top six. All the types that i have come into contact with. They're the most common, and the most that i have seen on a daily bases.

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