Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walk Away

I have my armor on. Ive been fighting in this battle for quite sometime. Im tired. Im worn out. And im wounded. I feel like giving up. But NO! i dont give up, that's not who i am, a quiter. I know for certain that i can no longer fight in this battle.Ive been in it way to long and its time that i walk away. By me walking away its not givng up. It's not giving up because ive done my part. I fought a great battle. Ive fought until my whole body has been completly wounded. It's time that i realize that i need to take care of myself. Let my scars and bruises heal. It's not being selfish when you simply just stop worring about others and focus on yourself. And by walking away that's what im doing focusing on my self. For my own good i am walking away from this battle with scars and bruises with my head held up high. This is what i need, its what i have to do. Because if i dont walk away now, then i never will. And staying in a battle to fight for a love that has already died is worthless.It would only continue to bring more pain , scars, and bruises. I dont want to continue to fight. Especially if it means bringing more pain. So ive made up my mind and im coming out of this battle scars and all. Coming out with my head held high with a smile on my face. Im walking away forever and never looking back.

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